Hydronaute XT: Make The Best Insulation Even Better

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Hydronaute XT

Hydronaute XT: specially designed for Mont down clothing and sleeping bags to make the best insulation even better.

Hydronaute XT FabricHydronaute XT™ is the only choice when it comes to the protection of your down products from wind and moisture. Hydronaute XT™ has been developed specifically to protect and enhance the performance of down sleeping bags and clothing. It makes the best insulation even better.

Unrivalled durability
The Hydronaute XT™ membrane technology and lamination process is extremely durable and unlike lightly coated or silicon finished products will not diminish. With Hydronaute XT, the performance of your down product will be maintained for many years.

Protection inside and out
Hydronaute XT™ protects down from moisture on the outside, but it’s on the inside of the bag where Hydronaute XT™ really proves its worth. Moisture vapour produced by the body can condense in the down of the sleeping bag reducing it’s ability to loft. With Hydronaute XT™, moisture vapour is pulled through the membrane via a molecular chain keeping down drier, maintaining loft and ensuring a more comfortable sleep.

Hydronaute™ technology fabrics are available in a number of variations depending on the intended use. The use of these fabrics takes all Mont products to a superior level of performance by incorporating the latest advances in molecular science; Highly breathable, moisture control technology that works harder as the level of moisture vapour increases, in turn maintaining your comfort.

Look for Hydronaute, Hydronaute Pro, Hydronaute 3S, Hydronaute Ultra 2.5 and Hydronaute XT logos exclusively on Mont products.